The project : build a bioclimatic school in skoura


Yves Bouneou & Lea



Returning to Tiriguioute

The project patron, Yves Bouneou of Aximum, returned to the site in February 2015 to assess and review the school’s activities, almost three years after its commissioning.
After receiving a warm welcome by children and teachers alike, Yves sat down to a cup of mint tea to discuss the changes brought about by the school in the lives of the students and douar residents.
One of the positive aspects that Yves noted was the general good condition of the new school, where the work conditions of (...)

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A new school springs forth from the mud!

Wednesday, September 12 was the first day of class at the new bioclimatic school in Tiriguioute.
It was the first time the children from the Douar were able to take their seats in the new classrooms, and for us, it was the perfect opportunity to take a look back at this amazing project.
In fact, it took a workforce of 10 to 30 people some six months, from January to July, to build the new buildings and tear down the old ones.
In all, the project required 500 wooden beams of all sizes, 28 (...)

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Time to celebrate in Tiriguioute

The entire Douar community came together on Thursday June 7 to welcome Yves Bouneou, the project patron, along with Thierry Le Roch from Colas, Yann Arthus Bertrand and Moroccan government officials to inaugurate with much music and glee the new Tiriguioute bio-climatic school!
It only took six months to complete the new school, which has now become the pride and joy of the inhabitants of Tiriguioute.
Cameras from On the Road from School were there to share Yves’ joy and (...)

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A new School in Tiriguioute

A new school springs forth from the mud!
"On the Road to School » is financing the first ever pilot project involving a Bioclimatic school in the palm grove of Skoura.
Adobe, mud bricks, Tamarisk wood, these are a few of the century-old techniques used to build a new school for 166 lucky children in Tirigioute, Morocco.
With a helping hand from Colas teams in Morocco of course !
Take a guided tour of the project in the company of Virginia, the architect, and Yves and Léa, the sponsors (...)

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A new school in Tiriguioute Part 2
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A new school in Tiriguioute Part 3
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A new school in Tiriguioute Part 4
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A new school in Tiriguioute Part 5
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Echangeur n°8 En route pour l’école avec Yves BOUNEOU

« En route pour l’école » a été créé en 2010 dans le cadre de Colas Life, le mécénat de solidarité de Colas. Il est mené en partenariat avec la Fondation GoodPlanet, créée par le photographe Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
Ce programme d’aide à l’éducation financé par Colas concerne six pays où le Groupe est implanté : le Togo, la Croatie, le Vietnam, le Maroc, la France et les Etats-Unis. Cette action internationale a pour but d’améliorer l’accès à l’éducation pour les enfants défavorisés. (...)

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