Diaporama : introducing the new Kekeli Center

Last February, we spoke about the need to finance furniture the new school building.

The funding was secured thanks to donations from Colas and the Lion’s Club Mazères, raising over 6,000 euros used to buy 50 benches, 30 tables and miscellaneous equipment. Once again, thank you all for your support and your generosity.

The teams in Kekeli were also overjoyed to receive five second-hand computers! Another greatly appreciated gesture. 

The building, which is called Space Miledu or The Space Where You are Together, is now open to the public. It remains a genuine reflection of adult solidarity to improve children’s lives and future. 

The Kekeli team wasted no time in organizing new activities in the center. 
It’s summer vacation time in our hemisphere, but this is not the case in the Hanoukopé slum.

Poverty is still overwhelming, and no one is talking about their seaside vacation spot or where to go camping in the mountain. 

As is the case every summer, volunteers from Togo, France and Germany - there were 32 people this year – spent several weeks at the Kekeli center to lend a helping hand with the children. Some 378 kids participated in the program this summer. 

World Day of Human Solidarity in 2013 is coming up soon. It will take place on Friday, December 20.

I have said over and over that everyone needs to be involved. Solidarity can move mountains. Every donation, even just a few dollars, will be used to allow children in countries around the world to attend school and prepare for a more dignified life.

Jean -Pierre Demollière
Sponsor of the mission to Togo - Kekeli Centre

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