Returning to Tiriguioute

The project patron, Yves Bouneou of Aximum, returned to the site in February 2015 to assess and review the school’s activities, almost three years after its commissioning.

After receiving a warm welcome by children and teachers alike, Yves sat down to a cup of mint tea to discuss the changes brought about by the school in the lives of the students and douar residents.

One of the positive aspects that Yves noted was the general good condition of the new school, where the work conditions of students have significantly improved.
In addition, the kindergarten is fully operational, run by a full-time teacher and with about thirty children attending classes each day.

Still, there seemed to be difficulties in implementing the peripheral projects initially planned in the project, namely a computer room, adult literacy classes and a library.

These difficulties essentially derive from lack of local coordination in taking charge of all or part of these programs in tandem with the school’s teaching staff.

For these reasons, with the backing of Colas Life, Yves began to search for a local relaying NGO with which the “On The Road to School” could establish a partnership on the Tiriguioute school.

Contacts were made with a foundation that is highly active in Morocco, but discussions have yet to bear fruit.

Still, other paths may be explored to identify a local player that could act in partnership with the “On the Road to School” in implementing extracurricular activities at the Tiriguioute school.

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