Restoring an old sailing ship to encourage juvenilles placed in the Reinforced Educational Center

The Colas Life project: Restoring an old sailing ship to encourage juvenilles placed in the Reinforced Educational Center of Port-Vendres to return to school and vocational training.

The Reinforced Educational Center of Port-Vendres is home to juveniles from 14 to 18 years old placed there by Judicial Child Protection services (PJJ).

This placement aims above all to break the spiral of delinquency, and to encourage a return to school or vocational training.

The project involves restoring an old sailing boat called "Lo Gaudi" as part of a process designed to restore basic knowledge through education provided by the National Education department and to foster learning by participating in a training program. Their work is supervised by professionals in the woodwork and shipbuilding trades.

Through the project, the teenagers improve individual qualities such as self-confidence, as well as learn what teamwork is, discover new trades and the pride of participating in a project with a strong regional and cultural dimension.

Once the restoration of "Lo Gaudi" is completed, the boat will be used by the association ADPEP66, to bring together teens from the Center and other children with disabilities who are members of the association.

The CER of Port-Vendres has teamed up with the Atelier des Barques de Paulilles, a center for the conservation and restoration of the Catalan maritime heritage, in order to identify an old sailing rig to be restored and to provide the young people of the CER with technical and professional support throughout the construction project.

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Jean-Pierre Demollière & Quentin


Annie Foulquier & Laura


Todd Strynadka & Rachel


Yves Bouneou & Lea


Said Atif & Majda


Samantha & Gabrielle


Joan Reynier


Meeting with Melvin

Melvin is a minor placed by the Judicial Protection of Youth at the CER of Port-Vendres. He tells us about his involvement in the Lo Gaudi restoration project and how this project contributes to facilitating his reintegration.

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The stages of the restoration of LO GAUDI

Jeremy is a marine carpenter. He explains in detail all the stages of the restoration of the Lo Gaudi using the traditional know-how of the wood and marine carpentry trades.

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Presentation of the Paulilles Boat Workshop

Samuel Villevieille is the director of the Atelier des Barques de Paulilles. He tells the story of this old dynamite factory created by Alfred Nobel which has turned into a botanical garden and an ecomuseum dedicated to the Mediterranean maritime heritage.

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Presentation of the Reinforced Educational Center (CER) of Port-Vendres.

A CER is a reception facility for minors subject to removal or sentenced by the courts to prepare them for reintegration into the family or social environment.
These centers are under the control of the Judiciary Protection of Youth (PJJ) which depends on the Ministry of Justice and are managed by associative actors in the framework of a convention with the PJJ.
The characteristic of these centers is to accommodate a limited number of minors, maximum 8, for sessions of a duration between 3 (...)

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The role of National Education at the CER of Port-Vendres.

In order to get these juveniles placed in CER out of the spiral of delinquency in which they have locked themselves up, education plays a primordial role, not only to restore knowledge forgotten or sometimes never learned but also to restore self-esteem to these young people who are losing their bearings and confidence.
Laura, a teacher sent by the National Education, tells us about her role with minors and the place occupied by the restoration of "Lo Gaudi" in the educational project (...)

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